Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Facebook Privacy Glitch Revealed Private Photos

A lapse in security for Facebook discovered by Byron Ng, a computer technician from Vancouver, Canada, allowed him to sneak through Facebook’s newly improved privacy controls deployed last week to view private photos of celebrities, along with other access restricted photos posted by other Facebook users.

Social Site’s New Friends Are Athletes

Creative Artists Agency is expected to launch, a social networking site for youth sports — something like Facebook for young athletes — in April.

Nasil terkedildiginizin Facebook'ta Ilani

Ayriligin getirdigi acilar, iliskilerin artik sanal aleme tasinmsiyla daha da kuvvetlendiler. Bir dusunun, sizce herseyin yolunda gittigi bir iliski icindesiniz, yalniz karsinizdakini kaybetme korkunuz var ama simdilik idare ediyorsunuz. Bir de baktiniz ki Facebook’ta karsiniza cikan haberler, size bu konuda ipuçlari vermeye baslamis.

OpenSocial is no longer just a Google standard

Microsoft catches social networking religion. And most folks are wondering where Facebook will land in this mess. The larger question: Is there a business hook here somewhere? First With eCommerce Facebook Application

UK fashion website has developed a Facebook e-commerce application, they are the first UK business to go down this route.The Facebook application allows users to

Birthday Milestones - MySpace Birthday Comments

Hi friends! Today I’ll share with you the strange spectrum of feelings that ran through me when I recently attended the 60th birthday of my uncle, Fred.

FindMe, an irritating GPS for Facebook friends

HAHAHHA, IF U HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, U HAVE TO READ ABOUT THIS APP! ;)The new location-based service FindMe is a straightforward app that uses cell phone towers to broadcast your general whereabouts to Facebook friend